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Cross-Play! Anyone can join from any launcher!!

DraconityMC is a Survival Kingdoms Minecraft server from Germany. This custom made server has been enhanced with many great additions to your playing experience up a level. Join now and venture out into the exciting unknown world of DraconityMC!

- Custom Mobs: Fully customized passive and hostile mobs, as well as interactive pets with skills and abilities!

- Custom World Generation: Completely reworked world generation, featuring hundreds of varieties of biomes filled with custom mobs!

- Outposts: Fight for rulership of the four biome outposts, but fight off the Ogres, Vikings, Ents, and Bandits!

- Boss Fights: Daily varieties of custom textured boss spawns with OP rewards!

- Skills: Redesigned custom McMMO skills, RPG style! Level up for rewards!

- Battlepass: Featuring hundreds of fresh quests to face every season, with a balanced VIP battlepass access!

- New Enchantments: Completely reworked enchantment system, featuring a wizard NPC for all your enchantment needs!

- Kingdoms: Build and form the strongest kingdom on the server, and declare war on other kingdoms for power! If you just wanna chill and build, you can turn this feature off and sit back and watch the chaos!

- Gems Shop: Buy keys, cosmetics, wardrobe items, and much more with gems!

- Dungeons: Grind through the levels of the dungeons for unique rewards and challenging battles from our custom mobs and bosses!

- Plus much more!: We have so many amazing features that we can't even list them all, so come check it out!

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  • 1/500 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 99.8% Uptime
  • 14 hours Last Ping
  • 50 Votes

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