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The best Modded MC Network!
Fast, Lag free servers.
Enjoy large Player Counts without the lag!
The most active ATM8 community server!
Enjoy a large community of atm8 players with 50+ players online every night!
With no lag!

Aiming to build a nice community of modded Minecraft players that like playing, building and experimenting.
We hate lag! Keeping our server running at high tps with high player counts is a priority! We want everyone to have the best gaming experience possible.

Our discord is always active with a great community with active VC's and general chat

Custom coded in game economy & playershop GUI

Always active, always high player counts, over 60 players online at peak hours across both servers!
Map started 25/01/2023 Main Server IP: (with economy)
Map started 03/03/2023 Secondary Server IP (No economy)


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  • 18/24 Players
  • 1.19.2 Version
  • 98.3% Uptime
  • 4 hours Last Ping
  • 17 Votes

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