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Home to the best Minecraft server you've ever seen (probably not) with many unique minigames and gamemodes! Bananarine has finally been brought back from the dead! We are hoping to bring some of the old community back together as well as foster a growing creative community of new players. This server has many unique minigames and gamemodes to offer. For those competitive types, we have our Factions server featuring custom enchants, mild forms of anarchy, and a keep inventory program and for the more vanilla experience, our SMP server is just your speed for relaxing crafting or building. Lastly, we also have a Prisons server called "Paradox Prison" giving players all their NON-OP experience needs featuring player plots, hellish cells, crates, daily challenges, reactions, and so much more for your prison itch!

Compatible with 1.8 -> Latest & Bedrock edition!

⟮ Minigames ⟯
❱ Hide and Go Gortume
❱ Block Party
❱ The Belt
❱ Tower Defense (Beta)
❱ Survival Games
❱ Splegg
❱ Fruit Quake
...and many more...

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  • 1/150 Players
  • 1.8.8 Version
  • 99.8% Uptime
  • 2 hours Last Ping
  • 26 Votes

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