Enigmatica 2:Expert - Modded Server

Tags: Adventure Economy Pets PvE PvP Survival

This pack can be downloaded on the CurseForge Client!
Client Version: 1.86
Now that you have the pack downloaded, I welcome you to my public E2E Minecraft server! Before you connect officially, you should know a few things about the server.


1. No Griefing at all.
2.) Keep Chat Clean.
3.) Don't build near others without permission.
4.) No Glitching, Hacking, Duping, Etc.
5.) Keep a positive attitude. It is just a game!

Welcome to season 2!
Last season we focused on building a community and making a wonderful gaming experience for everyone. I can say we have successfully built a wonderful gaming community. It's this community who, when faced with adversity and challenge, we overcome with patience, perservernce and some other p-words! What I'm trying to say, is this new chapter of our little server is going to be a great one!

Now I'm inviting all of you! There's lots of room on our server, and lots of people to meet! With 30gb of RAM behind the wheel of a dedicated BisectHosted server, nothing is impossible! Connecting is simple! Just join our discord at the bottom of the page, download the modpack (can be found on the server) and sign in to meet everyone!

This newest season has opened up a whole new world of possibilites for both the player and the server! With the ability to add plugins to a modded server, we have opened up a whole slew of activities for the server, and are actively working on more!
Economy - Allowing players to buy and sell both items and energy to each other and the server!
Crates - Crates have been added! Keys to the crates can be earned through various ways, and in each crate; a pool of amazing prizes!
Auctions - GUI-based auctionhouse that can be used for buying and selling items!

We're always looking for ways to improve the server! Why not connect and see what you can add? We're all looking forward to meeting you!



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