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ConquerOCE is an Australian Minecraft server supporting versions 1.17+. We believe that there isn't a good Towny Minecraft Server hosted in Oceania. Our staff team is very experienced in both PvP and how Towny works and we know what to disable to make the experience more enjoyable for others.

We have also have many QoL features such as /duel, to duel a friend or opponent with no risk of loosing your items, an FFA arena for players to practice their PvP, and more.

Some of our key feature are: Gold Economy, 1:500 scale map of the Earth with Dynmap, Friendly and reliable staff, A great experience no matter if you PvP or not, Make your own town and nation and battle others, Actively listening to the community and their ideas, Beginner friendly (whether you are new to Towny or not), our wonderful staff are here to help, Keep inventory on while in seiges and many annoying/OP features disabled such as crystals, anchors, tnt carts, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the ConquerOCE Towny server; we look forward to seeing you!

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