Cracked LifestealSMP 1.16-1.18

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Are you looking for a public lifestealSMP for both bedrock, java and cracked users! Join our lifestealSMP NOW! We are the #1 lifestealsmp with the biggest community, make sure you don't miss out! What are you waiting for, copy our ip adress now and start playing.

>>>>>PVP NETWORK<<<<<
We offer the best Pvp network you will ever find, Including Private duels, FFA maps, CrystalPVP, BOTFIGHTS, Customkits, kit layout editor. Kitpvp & much much more..

About the server:
On our server you can find both the #1 lifestealSMP & the best cracked pvp network including CrystalPVP + Duels + FFA. We have custom plugins and are 24/7 online & active!

What is lifesteal?
Lifesteal is a plugin that has the main feature of transfering hearts when you kill someone or die to a player. This will result in heavy pvp action , drama , friendships and wars for the players playing this minecraft server.

Drop down the spawn island and start pvping. Many players on this lifesteal server want to kill you and there is alot of PVP Action to be found! When PVP You can build your base in a 20k border radius and Teleport killing is allowed. So be carefull or you will be PVP’ed by players

---Server features---
* LifestealSMP
* Crossplay
* Vanilla survival
* Kitpvp server
* Crystalpvp server
* Parkour
* 1.8 & 1.9 pvp

LifestealSMP server ip:
Bedrock: Port: 9001

Our lifestealsmp is joinable on the versions 1.16-1.18 and even cracked users can join our lifestealsmp.


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  • 330/600 Players
  • 1.17 Version
  • 99.3% Uptime
  • 7 minutes Last Ping
  • 1,474 Votes

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