Forge Warships

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Tags: Anarchy Economy Survival

Forge Warships is a highly modded Minecraft server and that is why this is a CurseForge Server. In order to play, you will need to download the Curseforge App to load Warships in the Minecraft Launcher.

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This game features a Trading Hall, a place where you can trade many weapons, tools, parts to build airships, boats or submarines, many road vehicles and many good accessories in exchange for gold ingots. All players start of with 128 gold ingots, six home blocks to claim your lands, a chest full of letter blocks and a creative frame to post images from the internet in the server world for others to see!

Forge Warships is an anarchy multiplayer server is set in a gritty last days type of world where you can build drivable airships, submarines and boats. You can travel the world and claim lands or you can destroy other people's builds on their claimed lands, builds on claimed lands are not immune to explosions. The game is packed with weapons, from pistols to rifles, lasers to rocket launchers and even missiles. Included are other technologies like diving equipment, radars, gas bombs, parachutes and jet packs.

The game also includes ways to post messages in world, be it with letter blocks or posting an image from the internet. These messages can be land claimed and protected from breaking, except explosions.

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