EliteCraft ★ Survival PvE|Skyblock|Creative|Factions PvP ★ #1 UK

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Come join our server now, and immerse yourself in the ultimate Minecraft server experience! Here at EliteCraft, it is our passion to create and maintain the best community in Minecraft.

That is why we pride ourselves in having the perfect balance of players to make sure everyone feels at home. No matter who you are at what age, we are the place for you! Just follow the rules and have fun :)

We have lots of different game types for you to enjoy. Once you join our server, you will spawn in the hub, where you will choose from the following:

Our build server is the primary server of EliteCraft. Founded in 2011, we now have over 2 years experience! Here we provide an unsophisticated experience for new and veteran players alike to build, enjoy and prosper. We offer advanced grief protection including; chest locks, user-based land protection, disabled Creeper and TNT explosions, map backups and if needed staff rollbacks. Server PvP is disabled everywhere and it is very quick and easy to join and start building.

At our Creative server, you can enjoy a fun Multiplayer creative experience with all your friends, with no griefing or PvP! Additionally, we offer hundreds of unique features including; FULL creative mode immediately after joining, HUGE protected plots for anyone to claim, an array of commands for all players such as /warp, /tpa and /plot, a system which is guaranteed to prevent ALL grief, power for any player to use almost every item the game has to offer, permission to use a bunch of WorldEdit commands and so much more!

Our PvP server provides many enjoyable and entertaining features here such as Factions, Economy, McMMO, Lottery and Auctions. We try our best to provide the most enjoyable and fair PvP experience in Minecraft. We make sure that all obtainable ranks don't have any unfair commands, and we offer multiple modifications to ensure you enjoy a fair experience here. Furthermore, we host many unique qualities such as the Resource world, which is reset once a month so that you can gather materials for the main world.

Our SkyBlock server offers each player their own private SB island for them and their friends to build on. Here there is no grief or PvP, and an awesome economy so you can sell your junk for new equipment! For our premium members, there are regular kits, and access to our Skygrid world!

Survival Games:
We have two Survival Games arenas in our Survival Games lobby which you can join from our hub we even have our own map, custom made for EC! If you're unfamiliar with Survival Games, it's a very fun game type that hosts up to 24 players.

Our server is, and always will be free to play. However, if you wish to donate to contribute to the expensive server bills you may visit our webstore and choose a package, gaining many commands and benefits whilst doing so. Any amount of donation is extremely appreciated, and we value your generosity greatly.

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