Rising Sun Miners

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Tags: Survival

Rising Sun Miners is a new Minecraft building server that focuses primarily on classic gameplay and has only minor extensions. There are only server-side plugins added and no mods need to be installed locally. We have prepared a beautiful game world for you, where you are welcome to join us. We play in survival mode and don't have any fixed requirements concerning your projects. First, we would like to build a beautiful city together. Everyone is welcome to start their own projects. We don't restrict you in any way concerning this aspect.

Among others the plugins include the possibility to protect your crates, doors and furnaces from others, protection from griefing, a backpack and the possibility to marry other players as well as custom NPC traders.

We only enforce some commonsense rules on our server. There are no unnecessary restrictions! Griefing, bullying, theft or generally toxic behavior is unwanted and will be punished accordingly. We have the necessary tools for moderation built in. We want to create a friendly and open atmosphere. To ensure fun and fairness, we have implemented various security plugins and ranking / authorization systems, so that no one comes to harm or is treated unfairly. Perfect to relax and unwind together after a hard day in real life.

For communication with other players, we offer you the Minecraft in-game chat as well as our Discord server. Current information about updates, plugins, maintenance or events can be found there. You can also ask support questions there, if none of the moderators is online in-game. We will help you with words and deeds!

Our powerful server has 300 slots and is based on Paper Minecraft to ensure optimal performance. We also have daily backups and a technically experienced team to minimize any problems. We use Minecraft 1.18.2 to ensure compatibility with the most important plugins.

To learn even more about our building server, just become a part of our community and join our server. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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