Dream World Skyblock

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My name is Vkzo, I am the Server Manager, and Lead Developer of Dream World. I personally want to welcome you all to our new Skyblock server!

Id like to take a moment and tell you a little bit about us.

Here at Dream World one of our main objectives is to build a large community/server for people to enjoy. Currently we are in the early stages of the server but plan to set even higher standards as time goes on. So far we have built a strong community of players who are mostly active and dedicated to becoming known on the server. We plan to keep our players updated on what changes are being made in the server, and whatever new features are being added. All our information is posted in our Discord, there will be a link to join at the bottom of this post. Thank you everyone I hope to see some of you online soon!

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  • 1.18.2 Version
  • 45.5% Uptime
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