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Tags: Economy Survival Vanilla

LampoCraft is a Minecraft survival server aimed on saving the original Minecraft gameplay while having all the necessary service features for comfortable play. If you haven't connected yet, you really should or you will miss out on all the exciting memories you could have made on LampoCraft!

- Basic communication and teleporting capabilities (private messages, mail system, /sethome, /spawn, etc)
- Region claiming (provided by WorldGuard) to nip any griefing in the bud
- Trading systems (usings signs or /trade command)
- Multiplayer sleep - 50% of players should sleep to skip the night
- Simple economy - teleports cost money, which you can get by killing mobs, selling stuff with /sell or trading with other players
- Rollback and anti-cheat plugins - neither hackers nor griefers will bother you even if you don't claim your region, message server admin (me) if you have any problems
- Bleeding edge software - last game version, updated plugins; responsible attitude to server maintenance

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