ExeosCraft (1.20.x) Economy SMP

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Explore ExeosCraft, the No-Reset, No-Grief SMP!

Tired of servers that hype up sales and impose strange rules? Welcome to ExeosCraft, where we prioritize your experience. Got money? Keep it. Any money we generate goes completely to charity.
🌟 Why Choose Us?
ㅤ🌍 Stability: Our server, up and lagless since June 2020, will never reset its massive ㅤ35,000x35,000 map!
ㅤ🚫 Zero Pay-To-Win: Fairness for all players is what we promise to sustain.
ㅤ🎁 Giving Back: Excess donations support various charities and giveaways.
ㅤ🌈 Inclusivity: Hate speech isn't tolerated here, any and all are welcome here as ㅤExeosCraft is a safe space for ALL.
ㅤ🤖 Custom Plugins: Hand-crafted plugins to enhance the vanilla experience, while ㅤkeeping things far from boring.
🎮Cross-Platform: Tuned for both Java and Bedrock, with features specific for Bedrock players that are completely unique!
🌐 Our Features:
ㅤ🌄 Permanent World, all builds will be kept forever
ㅤ🌟 Level-Up System
ㅤ🐾 Pets
ㅤ🏡 Land Claim
ㅤ🪓 McMMO
ㅤ💰 Strong Economy
ㅤ🏆 Leaderboards
ㅤ🌟 Hard Difficulty
ㅤ🗳️ Player-Driven Updates

Join us at ExeosCraft, where we promise a lasting, immersive Minecraft journey. You’ll be glad ya did.

Java IP: play.ExeosCraft.com
Bedrock IP: play.ExeosCraft.com:19132
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/exeoscraft
Trailer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHydHG44QpU

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  • 18/125 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 99.7% Uptime
  • 4 hours Last Ping
  • 506 Votes

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