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McEssence aims to keep multiplayer Minecraft simple while also offering a unique experience. We try to avoid a lot of the unnecessary features from todays Minecraft servers. We do not bombard you with annoying messages or over powered items. Nor do we make the game too easy with unnecessary starter kits or free items. You will not have to worry about learning complex plugins or how the economy works as we don't have one! All of our features are custom made and designed to be easy to understand. We have an active community that shares these values and would love for you to join!

❌ We Do Not Have ❌
- Teleportation.
- Claiming.
- Economy/money.
- Pay to win.
- Loot crates.
- Spammy messages.

✅We Do Have✅
- A small world size to encourage multiplayer play and an engaging world.
- An easy to use navigation system to allow you to find your previous locations.
- Protected chests to keep your items safe.
- An easy way to see who broke/interacted with any block so its easy to identify who griefed you. Aswell as a custom solution to newbies griefing.
- An engaging community.
- Multiple custom plugins.
- Custom recipes, subtle improvements to the base game.

Bedrock uses same IP and default port (19132).

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