[1.19 Survival] YCC Network

Tags: Economy Mcmmo Survival

Come join our new Survival Network for lag-free survival, with no nerfing of vanilla gameplay, and over a 1 million block radius of claimable untouched 1.19 land. We offer an advanced economy, with custom features, on a custom multi-server survival cluster that offers a seamless survival universe for all players. We haven't deleted a chunk since 2016 and don't plan to!

• Full 1.19 survival experience
• Lag-free survival with our custom scalable Survival Network
• Global wallet across all networks
• Land claiming
• Universal homes, warps and teleportation
• Access our Auction House from anywhere
• Up to 16 chunk view distance
• Nearly infinite land to claim

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  • 0/350 Players
  • 1.19 Version
  • 87.6% Uptime
  • 23 hours Last Ping
  • 1 Votes

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