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iSkabetche is a new Pinoy RPG Minecraft Server that is currently in-development. We are looking for players that are willing to experience the RPG Server that we have imagined. As an early bird, you will have the ability to influence the server. It grows as you grow. We also support crossplay, so you can play using Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE) too!

MCPE/Bedrock IP:

Current working features:
Skills - Let's put is as make your own playstyle
Quest - Do quest to earn ranks and titles [Certain Jobs can only be achieved once you finish a specific questline - currently in development]
Economy* - Earn money while killing Mobs
Customized Items - Mobs drops random stated equipment [ Currently in development ]
Discord In-game Voice Proximity and in-game Chat is working
PvP is really enjoyable base on players who had tried the server so far.

*Economy is not yet active since there's not enough players which is why we are looking for people who wants to playtest the server to give suggestions and feedbacks.

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