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1. Dont exploit. No hacks, cheats, flying, x-ray or other third party programs or mods that give you an unfair advantage.
2. Cooperate with the Admins.

Money wiki
Lost Shard uses a virtual gold coins currency for most things. You can see how many coins you have (as well as other stuff like your mana and stamina) by typing /stats. You get gold coins by trading gold bars in at a bank by having the gold in your inventory and typing /tradegold (amount). you will get 100 gold coins for every gold bar you trade in. When you are in a bank you can type /bank to access your secure storage. You are the only person that can access your bank box.

Land Ownership wiki
You can buy a plot of land anywhere you want as long as it isnt too close to an existing plot. Use /plot survey to help you find a spot to place a plot. A plot of land is a sphere of land that you have control over. Plots are protected by default, so only the owner and co-owners of the plot can place or break blocks. You can turn the protection on and off if you choose. Plots are also private by default, which means buttons and levers can only be used by co-owners and friends of the plot. If you use a metal door with a button on a private plot, only the owner, co-owners and friends would be able to use it.

Your first plot costs 1000 coins (10 gold bars worth) and 1 diamond, you can use /plot survey to help you find a good location to place it and /plot create (plot name) to actually create the plot. Plots also have a tax cost of 5 coins times the size, drawn from the plot funds once per real day. The starting size is 10, which means it has a radius of 10 blocks, so roughly 20x20x20 blocks and has a tax cost of 50 coins per day (10*5, half a gold bar worth).

You can also upgrade plots into towns which allows anyone to use a bed to set their spawn point, and it gives you the ability to place a banker somewhere on your plot.

Skills wiki
There are 7 skills so far, Archery, Blacksmithy, Blades, Brawling, Magery, Mining and Survivalism.
Each skill can be raised up to 100, and you can have a maximum of 300 total points. So you could have, for example, 100 Blades, 100 Survivalism, 50 Mining and 50 Magery. You can see your current skills by typing /skills and you can choose a starting skill by typing /resetallskills (skill name), which will set all your skills to 0 except the named skill, which it will set to 50.

Magic wiki
When you kill monsters, there is a chance for them to drop a magical scroll. You can use /scrolls to see the scrolls you have found so far. You will not lose scrolls when you die. To use a scroll, type /scrolls use (scroll name).
There are 19 different scrolls so far, they are: Grass, Flowers, Light, Create Food, Magic Arrow, Teleport, Mark, Recall, Bridge, Ice Ball, Fire Field, Heal Other, Heal Self, Fire Walk, Gate Travel, Clan Teleport, Lightning, Permanent Gate Travel and Day.

If you choose to support the server you will get certain benefits which include but are not limited to:
Priority server access, double size bank box, double the max runes (to 16 from 8) and you dont have to pay tax on plots.
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