World of Paralon

Tags: Adventure Anarchy Hardcore Roleplay Survival

The world of paralon is a discontinued project but with great potential, including a 50k x 50k map of a fantasy world. With 25% of the map missing i had the idea to include a nice continent build into the world map: The 6th Realm.
We started only with one continent (Aldara) and update it hardly with new structures, dungeons and so on. Recently we also merged with more continents of the Paralon project and with the 6th realm.
The server offers a unique experience for any minecraft type of player: from builder to adventurer, etc.
I wanted to include all the details put into the server, but that would be a vlog, not a short video.

On the Server:
- Custom armor sets
- Custom weaponry system
- Custom mechanics
- Backpacks
- More enchantable items
- Custom mobs (textured & untextured)
- Custom bosses
- More elytras
- Hammers to mine 3x3 blocks

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