S.i.m.p. Survival

Minecraft Server

Tags: Anarchy PvP Survival Vanilla

Vanilla survival, no rules, no censorship, no map resest, just minecraft the way Notch intended.

This server is over a year old and has had 156 diferent players join and build, hwy no see what they have done?
Or maybe take a trip to the wb on the nether hwy system (underconstruction) if that's on your MC bucket list.
theres not map resets anything you do here will be here forever, make your mark. join te ongoing digital history of Simp Survival. be one of the first to make a community.
Full size 60 million bt 60 million map.
This is not a 2b2t rip of, there is no admins or world edit being used, if you want a proper anarchy spawn. Its up the the playerbase to create one, this an origanal Rebirth of a legandary server and will follow the same path.

one update - No Lag machines!
build one if you wanna see how the perma-ban feature works. 30$ per Mc account play stupid games and win stupid prizes... other then thats have fun and raise hell.

cheers everyone.

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