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Hypocraft Minecraft Server Released Officially

Server Ip:hypocraft.mc-play.org


1 )Automatic login system
[You will need to put your password once in a day which will ensure your login details are valid for 24 hours. After 24 hours you will need to relogin. Note that this is only applicable if your ip does not change.]

2) 2 factor authentication
[You can enable 2fa to secure your account further. To enable 2fa type this command ingame /2fa enable .After this a link appears in the chat, click on link and scan that qr code from any 2fa android app.As well as you are required to put 2fa password one time except your ip changes.]

3)Email recovery
[If you forget your password you can recover it by linking your ingame account to your gmail account. To link your gmail account type this command /email add [email protected] [email protected] this format just replace your email.To recover your account type /email recover [email protected], copy the code from your gmail and type /email code.]

4)Discord chat rewards
[If you link your minecraft account with your discord account you can win ingame money by just chatting in discord. Discord chat rewards are 1 Discord message=1$ ingame money.To link your account with discord use /link and copy that code and just send that code in discord rewards channel]

5)Proximity chat
[You can use this feature if you link your minecraft account with discord. To link your minecraft account with discord use /discord link. After this copy that code and send direct message to @HYPOCRAFT#9867 in our discord. To use proximity chat feature you must follow point 4)Discord chat rewards. After that join proximity channel and enjoy this feature.]

[If you vote for our server you can win ingame rewards/crate keys!]

[You can make your chest shops in hypocraft as well as you can visit server chestshops at spawn.]

8)Crate keys
[You can buy 4 type of crates with ingame money and 3 with real money. To buy with ingame money type /hypocraft and click on crate keys. To buy keys with real money just open a ticket in discord and order. Diamond armour crate,Diamond tools crate,Random armour crate and Random tools crate.You can buy these with ingame money]

9)Buyable Ranks
[You can buy 3 types of ranks from which you can get extra powerful armour and tools. Titan,vip++ and vip.To buy these ranks just open a ticket in discord as well as if you want perks of these ranks you can ask in ticket.]

10)Player/Bug report
[To report any player type /report player <playername> <reason>. To report a bug type the command /report bug <bug details>. If the bug reported is valid you will be rewarded with ingame money!]



[If you have any issue just open a ticket in discord and ask anything related to our minecraft or discord server. We will try our best to help you.So you get the best experience imaginable!]



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