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Welcome to the Minecraftzocker Network

Join our server: play.minecraftzocker.net today!

GUARANTEED: A truly unique gaming experience - Custom engineered plugins!
GUARANTEED: No pay2win - Obtain ranks, items and cash by PLAYING rather than by paying!
GUARANTEED: One of the most international communities on Minecraft!

- SkyPvP: Engage in epic fights and level up your perks
- Avatar: Show off your bending skills on this legendary game mode
- SkyBlock: Construct your own mega city starting off with just a small island
- Creative: Unleash your creativity in our creative world
- SkyKit: Are you a bomber, an assassin or a frog? Find out what role suits you best on our special server
- Bedwars: Defend your bed in solo or team mode. Upgrade or use a lot of perks!

We host REGULAR unique events (Easter egg hunt, summer maze, winter maps and more!)

Want to contribute? YOU shape the server!
You can run your own event and submit custom maps! We also offer a variety opportunities in our server team, no prior experience required!

We can’t wait to welcome you to one of the oldest minecraft servers out there!
Rock on and see you in game - play.minecraftzocker.net

Server: play.minecraftzocker.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/s5aDNr5
Forum: https://forum.minecraftzocker.net
Teamspeak: ts.minecraftzocker.net

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