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[LIVE MAP] (check us out!)

LumiSMP, an English speaking SMP.
Our servers are 24/7, Professionally Hosted at, Ryzen 9 5950X CPU, 8GB, 22$/mo, our Minecraft server are located in Germany (EU)!

LumiSMP is a well rounded Survival Multiplayer with loveable staff and players!
We are a judgement-free zone, LGBTQ+ ethnicity, ages, etc.
We welcome you to the server with open arms!

Grief-Prevention and Keep-Inventory are always on! So nobody has to worry about losing their hard earned items!

200+ Custom Enchants and even RPG-like, levelled monsters (3 LVs)! Our servers are also made with a player levelling system like (McMMO) This system makes you able to level up different skills!

Nether, End, Resource World resets every 14-Days to make sure everyone has a chance to get the dragon egg or to find pigstep and silk every vanilla spawner! There's plenty of chances to get things that are normally limited!

Unique Custom Terrains of 10k so the world is a lot more exciting than the vanilla you are used to, watch our terrains in action here: (

/Jobs, every job is available for you to join without limitation, so you can earn money while mastering your unique craft!

Bedrock Support is available on our server, to make a great experience for both!

Not just another SMP:

1) At lumiSMP, we are completely against Pay-To-Win or Money-Grabbers servers.

You simply vote your way to the top rank (8 rank)! All of our donation perks are obtainable in-game and provide no in-game advantage over non-paying players!

2) At LumiSMP, we provide players with Generous Access for a pleasant experience.
x8 chest shop creation with /shop.
x3 access to /jobs to earn money.
x1 row of /backpack for additional storage.
x3 amount of /sethome for multiple locations.
/back to your last saved location. (experimental)
/trade player, promote safe trading among other players!
/marry more than one partner with cost… (/marry tp, gift, kiss, hug)
/withdraw_exp & /withdrawa_money to cash out your Money & EXP.
/RTP menu, random teleport to Build, Nether, End, Resource world every 60 sec.
/settings menu to personalize your gameplay experience.
(sit, trade, timer, mention, vein miner, scoreboard, auto replant)

We also have 2 villages at /warp! Join our /Discord and DM the Mayor to get a plot!

3) At LumiSMP, we took extra Security Measures to Keep your In-game progress Safe!
Full server backup every 12 hours are stored off-sites in OVH backup, Dev download server backup on their PC and then upload to Google Drive.

4) At LumiSMP, our support available everyone on Discord via #Support-Ticket.
We are always happy to help! Our staff puts 100% into the server and helps its players! The best way to get support from us is to create a ticket on our discord (!

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