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***WELCOME TO RaiseCraft!***

(Hub is in development!)
*An overview:*
- RaiseCraft was started as a passion project created by iamu and Blaise for our twitch viewers. We want our community to be able to communicate even if we are not streaming. We also love playing with our viewers as they’re the reason for this even existing!

If you are new to the server, welcome! We love having new people join the server and the community! If you choose to!

A huge thanks to everyone who has joined and is still actively playing on RaiseCraft, you are wildly appreciated!
***What is the server about?***
RaiseCraft was originally supposed to be a survival experience but now has two main game modes!
- Minions! Have little workers do jobs for you!
> ***Miner***: mines blocks for you! (Good for cobble gens!)
> ***Slayer***: good for mob farms.
> ***Feeder***: IMPORTANT! Minions require food! Their hunger (energy!) will decline if they don’t have food! You can choose to feed them yourself but at least one feeder is strongly recommended!
> ***Collector***: picks up dropped blocks! Good for sorting!
> ***Seller***: sells items for you!
> ***Breeder***: Breeds animals for you!
Enjoy survival without the griefing experience! Use /claim or /kit claim to protect your builds! Claim up to 1000 blocks! Anything outside of this claim is free game to anyone so be careful!
***Shop***: survival has an economy! Head to the shop if you need basic items, minions, or harder to obtain items. You can also use the shop to sell the items you farm!
***Better Sleeping***: only one player is required to sleep through the night! ***MIGHT CHANGE***

Magic is a game mode where you cast spells, upgrade wands and spells, make magic gear with custom recipes and have a new way to play vanilla! It’s a fun easy to understand game mode with a lot of content!
***Tutorial***: When you first join magic you will spawn in with a stack of steak, 1 diamond, 4 emeralds, a stick, and a crafting table! This is all IMPORTANT! The emeralds surround the diamond in a crafting table with the diamond in the middle. This makes a heart of magic. You combine this with a stick and that makes a wand. Your wand stays with you forever even after death.

Using your wand: the first spell you get is Magic Missile. This is how you will get the majority of spell points at the start. By right clicking an enchantment table or the upgrade NPCS at /warp shop with the wand equipped, you can see your progress and buyable spells for your rank. Right click to switch between your regular inventory and your spell list. You can moves spells around to your liking just like moving items in a chest. You left click to swing your wand and cast spells. You can also make a spell book if you so please which does the exact same thing as a wand. The wand has a lot of customization which can be found in shops or enchantment tables.
***Shop***: Come here to find your wand/magic essentials! From magic accessories to decorative pieces! You can also find your spell upgrades and learn new spells here.
***Spawner Silk***: While magic is only an addon to vanilla survival, leveling magic without help from spawners is excruciatingly painful. So bring the mobs to you! As spells only upgrade by using them this is the best form of SP farming!
***QUESTS***: Enjoy having a blast with magic AND earning profit!
PvE: Farquad offers the Slayer Quest! To find out more info head to the house in magic hub to find him!
PvP: This section is in development!
This server is in development (SO EXPECT BUGS) especially since Iamu is the head developer and builder! With one person doing everything a lot of features may or may not work as planned so be patient! All update logs can be found in DISCORD and are detailed as well as I can make them! If you know of a bug and/or are disliking your current experience with the server PLEASE see SUGGESTIONS and help us make your experience better! If you feel like you can make an impact on the server and really want to help out: see the APPLY TUTORIAL channel for moderator positions! ***FIRST SEE DISCORD TO GET STARTED***

As always, thanks for joining our community and be sure to check out our platforms!

> ***Twitch***:www.twitch.tv/RaiseCave
> ***Instagram***: @raisecave

***See ya on the server!***
- Much Love, Ragan & Blaise.

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