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Tired of Pay to Win factions servers? Do you want to go back to the old days without massive obsidian boxes? Maybe you just do not want to worry about your base being raided by a faction in all God sets? Well you have found the solution!

IP: mc.og-craft.net

We are dedicated to bringing players an original and classic feel to the gamemode Factions! Because of this, there are a couple unique things about our server:
* No TNT Cannons
* TNT does not Destroy Blocks on Claims
* Creepers will Destroy Blocks on Claims
* No OP Kits or Ranks
* No Buying Factions Power
* No OP Crates
* Raiding System:
- Chests are NOT Protected!
- PVP Focused Raiding System
- Over Claim Other Factions
+ Lose 2 Faction Power Per Death
+ Gain 0.1 Faction Power Per Hour
- Overclaim a Base to Greif it!
* Silk Touch Spawners!
- Change them to: Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken, and Rabbit
* Original mcMMo Included!
* Nether Portal Creation Enabled!
* World Borders:
- Overworld: 15,000x15,000
- Nether: 10,000x10,000
- End: 10,000x10,000

IP: mc.og-craft.net

Jump on and come play with us! Build your own fortress, and fight off other players! Build up your faction and dominate the server!

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  • 1/100 Players
  • 1.16.5 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 14 hours Last Ping
  • 28 Votes

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