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The Anarchy Commune is a 1.16.4 cracked semi - anarchy server. Griefing n raiding and all of that is completely allowed, the only bannable offences are intentionally lagging the server, and spamming. Most bans are unforgivable, as they will have been awarded for good reason, but you can protest a ban by discord DMing Anonis#1028, and your ban will be revised.

The Commune is meant to be a small scale anarchy server, a server that still gives you the anarchy experience, without an overwhelmingly large playerbase, and without all of the large group politics.

The server will always be at the most recent version of minecraft, although sometimes, it might take a few days to update.

Resets: The world will not be reset unless
a. The world file is corrupted (in which case, we will try to find a usable backup)
b. The playerbase wants a different map
c. The current world cannot be updated to the latest version of minecraft.

The server is almost completely vanilla, with only a couple of exceptions:
1. The map size is 120 million blocks, four times as big as 2b2t, to allow people ample place in order to hide their bases.
2. There is a /spawn command, in order to teleport to spawn, as it is impractical to have to travel millions of blocks to spawn just to help your new friend escape it.
3. There is a /home command to set ONE home. You may not set more than one, you may only set ONE. This is because people will travel a lot on this server, and it would be very annoying to travel half a million blocks just to collect that one shulker of tnt you forgot while going on a raid.

Aside from these, the server is completely vanilla.

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