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Searching for a Prison server that rewards hard work while keeping up with modern server features? Then look no further, we feel this is the server for you! On our prison server, we have custom and fun pickaxe enchantments but keep combat/pvp enchantments strictly vanilla in order to keep things fair and balanced. We have ranks and prestiges that gradually get more challenging but rewarding as you progress. We don't believe ranking up should be impossible straight from the start, but instead should be strategic and fun. We look to revive the grind aspect that classic prison servers used to have by not coddling the player straight away, instead allowing them to work their way up the ranks getting stronger as they go. Your aim is to grind through the prestiges while finding tokens along the way to upgrade your pickaxe.
Once you connect to the server, you will be greeted by a short but informative tutorial showcasing some of the main features we have to offer

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