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ViceMC is your number one Minecraft network for UNIQUE survival modes. Tired of the same boring experience everywhere you go? Look no further than ViceMC.

Our current gamemodes:

Drug Factions: the clue is in the name, this is factions but with drugs! We have a FULLY CUSTOM drugs system allowing players to grow their own drugs. Once grown, you have the choice of either consuming the drugs for special effects (which may come in handy in combat...) or selling them for money. The economy of ViceMC Drug Factions revolves primarily around drugs.

Semi-Anarchy: by now you may have heard of anarchy, but if you haven't, it's essentially Minecraft with zero rules. The problem with full Anarchy is it tends to bring the performance of servers down a lot and more importantly, create a very unfair environment where all hacks are allowed. Our take on Anarchy is Semi-Anarchy - it's the unrestricted Minecraft experience where you can grief to your hearts contempt, but with no hacks to keep the survival experience fair! Basically, it's Minecraft the way it was created to be played.

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