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Come vibe with us at Vanilla Vibes. We are a semi-vanilla server that only has a few quality of life or cosmetic changes which are listed below. We allow and encourage pvp and stealing, just no major grief so you can take whatever you want, just don't destroy someone's entire house. We aim to have a more mature playerbase (18+) although anyone is welcome. We have staff that are always around and often times in discord voice chat. We have a player based economy just using vanilla items with prices set by the players. We are all just real people who want to hang out and play some games without drama and just have a good time, so come check us out and chill. We recently launched the server and everyone can get a fresh start.
-Arena with keep inventory
-Trading ui plugin to prevent scams
-Better armour stands
-Invisible item frames
-Server wide events
-No Phantoms
-1 sethome

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