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Dungeons allow you to obtain relics, these relics can be used to purchase custom items in the /menu. These items are enchanted and get progressively better as the tier increases. You can access the dungeons through /warp dungeons

Custom Items and enchants
There are custom items that can be obtained through working jobs, looting dungeons and trading with players, these items can do a variety of things, from repairing an item to adding extra health to armour. There are also custom enchants.

Regular enchantments can be applied to items by dragging and dropping the book onto the item you want to enchant, you no longer need an anvil.

Jobs allow you to earn money that can be used to trade with players or admin shops, money is also required to create a town. You can earn custom items such as relics or repair scrolls while working a job.

Titles can be changed through the title menu, you can obtain titles by purchasing ranks, donating on our webstore, or purchasing the ingame ranks.

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