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We set out to create a 100% free Vanilla Minecraft Anarchy experience with a small twist -- make griefing and theft much more difficult by introducing very basic land claims with siege/raid functionality. This way, players can better protect their bases and chests, but will need to find clever solutions to ensure their safety.

Join now and get +100 claim blocks (Land Claim) and 50+ additional for each hour of activity on server. Visit for more info.

Additional Details:
You can claim land, but your land claim only protects you from players breaking blocks directly, killing your animals, and using TNT on your claim (unless you are being /sieged). All other forms of protection are disabled. Mobs can still break blocks on your claim, so you must factor that into your build. If a chest is accessible to a player i.e. you haven't blocked it off that player can still steal from you even if you're not being raided. Fire can also potentially spread from without to within your claim.

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