♦ Ophion ♦

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Who are we?
We are Ophion, a server full of unique content which can only be found here. We strive to remain unique and stand out from the others.

♣ Castle Wars ♣
You basically start with a castle on a world full with others. You will have to protect yourself from others by making necessary changes to your castle and you can also go out and find some others to attack. This is a fun and unique experience which you can only have on Ophion.

♣ Avatar Survival ♣
At the beginning you can choose between Fire, Water, Air and Earth. You will be able to bend, just like in the Avatar: The last airbender series! Start a faction, get better at bending and defend your loot from all the others.

♣ Dwarventure ♣
There are 8 different classes on this server, each with different abilities. For example Ninja, when you shiftclick with this class, you will become invisible! Sneak around your enemies as they don't see you coming. The world is also very unique and has blocks 4x bigger than normal.

♣ Skyblock and Creative ♣
You can select your own Skyblock layout on this server, by going to /layout before starting it with the /island command. This server also provides lots of Minigames and Creative plots, which can be used for quick testing of builds for your Skyblock island.

♣ Skywar ♣
Skywar is a server with maps all in the sky. You'll have to kill others in order to receive money, with this money you can unlock better gear for yourself. You won't lose items on death and nothing will be dropped, items won't break either.

♣ Towny ♣
Start or join a Town and enjoy the game the way you want it. Either play with or without PVP, create an army and supply your members with guns or give them horses to travel with. Become an economic super power or just stay low and create the ultimate cave system. It's up to you, you can play Towny the way you want to play it.

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