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Welcome To Mc-Adventure's Walking Dead Beta Server!
We have finally released the Beta Walking Dead server! Be the first to test many of the awesome new features including realistic zombie bites, cars, npc shops, kits, and a brand new map that is over 5 times as big as our last one!

How To Play

Your main goal is to survive! In order to do this you must find supplies from towns, cities, and places from The Walking Dead TV show including The Prison, Woodbury, and Hershel's Farm! In your journeys you will encounter many zombies. Zombies' bites are deadly, so try to avoid them at all costs. You will also run into other players. We advice building groups to enhance your chances of survival, but be cautious, not all players want to team.

Thirst Bar
In the server your EXP Bar serves as your Thirst Bar. Once it reaches 0, you will begin to die. To prevent this from happening, find a water source as soon as possible. Each water bottle fills your thirst up to the maximum level, 20.

Zombie Bites
One of the biggest new features in the update is the zombie bites. When a zombie hits you, there is a 75% chance that you shove it away and a 25% chance of getting bit in the leg. If you shove the zombie away, you simply lose half a heart. If you get bit, its a little bit more complicated. When bit in the leg, you have one minute to amputate it before the infection sprends. To amputate your leg crouch and right click with either a Machete, Combat Knife, or Hatchet. From that point on, you will have slowness one unless you are wearing a prosthetic leg. If you fail to amputate your leg you will slowly begin to die. Once you have already been bit, there is a 75% that you shove the zombie away, and a 25% chance of getting bit in the neck. Once you get bit it the neck, you have no chance of surviving. Your best bet is taking out as many zombies as possible before you die.

NPC Shops
Another new feature in the Beta is the shops. You will now receive money from killing zombies (the amount will vary depending on your rank). You can use this money to buy supplies from NPCs. NPCs can be found at safezones, which can be warped to from the spawn. To buy something from and NPC simply right click on the NPC and then click the item you wish to buy.

Resource Pack
We highly recommend you use the server resource pack. To use the resource pack, go into Options, then Video Settings, then turn Server Textures on. If this doesn't work, then you can download it below.

Thats about it! What are you waiting for, begin your adventure!
And if you were wondering, there are guns!

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