SchwartzCraft Network

Minecraft Server

Tags: Capture The Flag Creative Prison PvP Skyblock Spigot

SchwartzCraft-Network is a server with many types of gamemodes.
Super-OP Prison, Creative, Skyblock , PvP Arena- We have it all!
Our staffs are dedicated to help you in any ways that they are
able to, so you can be sure that you get the help you need. Our
main gamemode is OP-Prison. You are able to get a plot, build a
awesome house, sell stuff to get money and rankup! Once you have
ranked up all the way from A-Z, you will be free from prison and
you will be able to go to /warp free, where you can try to survive
in the wild with your friends that are free too. We also have a
donation store at our website, where you can donate for ranks and
other cool stuff, of course, the money goes to keeping the server
up and running. We also have wardens that watch you, so you get
the experience that you really are a prisoner. With all that said,
come join us in our journey in building a great server, with you
guys of course :)

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