Anarchic Frontiers

Minecraft Server

Tags: Anarchy Economy Minigames Prison PvP Roleplay Spigot Survival

"Anarchic Frontiers" space expedition's mission is to colonize new worlds where several competing socio-political ideologies are in play. Voluntaryism, Statism, and Anocracy. How will followers of these philosophies interact with each other? will they find peace? trade? prosperity? or will it be a bloody spectacle! Write your own story in this unique, challenging and thought provoking environment!

* Tight-knit casual community
* Scaleable Protection against griefing.
* Extra Hard Difficulty
* Quest system to introduce features and offer some rewards
* VAMPIRES, beware creatures of the night who feed on the living!
* Player managed shopkeepers can be setup to Buy and Sell, using any items as currency.
* Cheat detection and Orebfuscation (hides ore and hidden chests from x-ray cheaters) are in effect.
* There are many server performance optimizations, bug fixes and improvements, some of which also improve client performance.
* 99.9% Uptime verified for over a year.
* Data integrity is guaranteed, data is backed up daily.
* Check website for more features/modifications/info.
* Multiple gamemodes and minigames accessible through spaceport.

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  • 1.14 Version
  • 90.7% Uptime
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