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We are a survival, mulitplayer server with simple rules and simple plugins.

What are the rules on RMSS?

#1. Stealing and player vs player is allowed.

#2. Griefing or being a continuous nuisance to other players is not allowed.

#3. Show respect to others and have some form of maturity.

#4. Cheating, hacking or exploiting of any kind will be a no-warning permaban.

#5. Griefing, Racism, Sexism and general disrespect will be a no-warning permaban.

#6. We like to keep a positive environment. Please be positive, kind and nice to others.

What are the most notable plugins on RMSS?

Cave Biomes - Adds depth to mining, discover underground villages, swamps, quart temples and more.

Decoheads - Decorate your base with minature decorative blocks using the command /decoheads.

CoreProtect - Gives us the power to revert any grief that has happened.

Craftables - Let's players craft leather, saddles, nametags and leads.

UltimateTimber - Hitting a tree with an axe will make it fall into a pile of wood.

What are the commands available to players?

/sethome (do not write anything after it)

# Set's your home so you can teleport back to it but it does have a cooldown.


# Sends you back home. 300 second cooldown.


# deletes your current sethome.


# Opens up a GUI with free decoration blocks to help give your base some creativity and character.

/msg username

# Let's you message other players in the server privately.

That's all, thanks for reading and happy gaming.

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