Wow you found us!
What does FREEPLAY offer?
We offer mini-games and a survival world.
We try to use as few plugins as possible
so that the survival is as Vannila-like as possible!

The question is why should you join this server?
Now we have no paid ranks to make a profit and we are begging
not for donations. We do this project to spend time together
spend or just build something and with other players
To be able to talk and play.

What features does the FREEPLAY website offer?
On the website you are always up to date on the server
you can get the latest news there. You can also find out there
who are all team members and what all rules are. A special one
The feature of the website is that if you play a lot on the server you play
Can become "Player of the Month".

What should I do if I have a complaint about the Minecraft server?
If you have any complaints about people or the team, contact us
via our Discord Server.

How do you get ranks on the server?
When you play mini-games on the server, you regularly receive Freeplay Coins
you can see your name in the tab to the right of it. You will soon be able to
If you own 3000 coins you get the "Freeplayer" rank
the “Freeplayer” rank, which will have some cool features.

What kind of players come on the server?
The Freeplay server is listed on many server pages and is a
3-language server. Some of the server pages are French and
English or German . In case you are with other players on the server
you have to speak English. But no fear,
The team members all speak the 3 languages.

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