Immortal Realms 1.8-1.15.2

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Server Description
Immortal Realms Was originally Established in December in 2015, as of for that time it was initial service-base in the Philippines. We started with a just small player base with the max players of 12.Immortal Realms kept on dying due to lack of payments to the server.
We don't have enough money to pay the server. But this time we manage and plans what we should do to Immortal Realms. We want to let the players experience the endless fun and also less lag minecraft cracked server. The server is free to play to Cracked users and also
premium users. We are also saving more budgets so we can add more gamemodes such as minigames, creative and more. Invite your friends to play here in Immortal Realms.
Available Gamemodes At the moment.

Faction is a type of gamemode that the player is allowed to raid and grieft other faction. steal and explode the other bases. search and destroy to be on the top. Our faction is lightweight, means that we dont have such custom enchantments because we want to bring back the old faction mechanics and also so the server would not lag because of too much features been added.

Skyblock is a survival type gamemode where you can select a type of island that you wanted to start with. then theres a a little resources in your island that you need to use on your journey.
We have the ore generator where you can make a cobble stone generator and it generates some of the ores. There would be a specific blocks that has a level.

Feel free to ask our staff for more information.
Or you can check out our forums and website.

Join us also in our discord server to communicate with other Immortal Realms Players.

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