Grand Craft Auto V

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Tags: Economy GTA Parkour PvE PvP Roleplay Spigot Survival

Grand Craft Auto V is a GTA-style server, we have a great friendly community with a steady flow of players, helpful staff and a fleet of amazing custom coded plugins.

When you join the server you will immediately notice that there is, in fact, no spawn, the reason for this is we wanted to recreate the GTA experience of being randomly teleported straight into the game!

Our map was created by the build team and is 7.2 million blocks squared. We are the only GTA-style server to have it, it is one of greatest features of our server because its a perfect replica of the main part of Los Santos city from GTA V and was painstakingly made over the course of 2 years.

Our cars, believe it or not, are actual cars with 3D models and drive like real cars with real sounds, most servers will just have your typical mine kart but we take it 10 steps further.

If you don’t know what you actually do on a GTA server, well it is a PVP based survival experience where you hunt down and kill other players and loot crates scattered frequently around the map to build up your arsenal of weaponry.

Do note our server is not family friendly and all players are able to swear and disrespect because if we didn’t let you do that then how could it be GTA?

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