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Hi my name is Kevin and I run this Towny Survival server for my friends! I'd like to see more world building in our server and so I was hoping to see more people hop on and forming some towns. Take pride in the town you form since there is a finite amount allowed on this server! We normally play on the weekends so it would be most popular then! We have added harder mobs and we play on harder difficulty as well as having boss mobs and bosses for the "server's lore." We arn't heavy role-players at all but its fun to add lore and utility to the works we build! We have a special event coming up soon for towns where their forts in their towns will be brought over to a battlefield and the towns will go at a freeforall all out war! You may also directly declare war on a town but you'll have to find them first! We have a discord you can join and we have a spreadsheet pinned which holds information that i regularly update! Thankyou for reading and I hope to see you and your friends on!

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