UltraicMC - 1.19.3

Minecraft Server

Tags: Survival Vanilla

A semi-vanilla survival server that aims to be feel vanilla whilst still changing the experience and making multiplayer convenient. Doesn't have pay-to-win, and never will. Free speech without toxicity.
Come play! play.ultraic.space

We officially support Bedrock cross-play (19132) & 1.17-1.19 clients, though 1.8-1.16.5 still work.
We have a server modpack that offers up to 2.5x more fps! Instructions for installation are at https://performance.ultraic.space/ .

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  • 6/11 Players
  • 1.19 Version
  • 92.7% Uptime
  • 1 hour Last Ping
  • 89 Votes

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