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PatriumCraft is a new Minecraft Server, but on the old idea of PangeaCraft. We are taking the best of what PangeaCraft initially had (Towny, PVP, jobs, etc) and modernizing it. We are mainly a Towny server, but feel free to explore on your own!

You Can:
💢 💸 Earn money:
🌿 Farm Crops: Grow crops and sell them to the server for some money!
📜 Do Jobs and Quests: Select from jobs like Woodcutter, Miner, Builder, Digger,
Farmer, Hunter, Explorer, Fisherman, Crafter, Weaponsmith, Brewer, and Enchanter!
💰 Set up Shops: Make your own chest shops to sell goods to other players
🏛️ Run Towns: Become the Mayor of a community, or join and help expand an existing community!

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