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Welcome to Shippuden RPS!

A Naruto / Boruto / Magic Powers server! On our server, you will be able to complete missions + exams to get stronger. You will be able to buy weapon supplies and more spells as you get stronger. You will be given 1 of 5 villages, and in that village you get to pick a clan and an elemental chakra nature (more to come later).

We have bounties, houses, a huge 20000 x 20000 world all custom built and much more. Plus you can attain vouchers for our donation store in game, so EVERYTHING can be bought without paying!

Here's are the spell types you get, and for each you can buy more in the shop:

- Clan Jutsu (Things like Sharingan, Rasengan based on your chosen clan)

- Chakra Nature (Such as fire, wind, earth -> You get a 2nd at Jounin level)

- Kunai (Constantly throw kunai and multi-kunai moves with no cooldown!)

- Ninja Tools (Remote activated paper bombs, smoke bombs, ninja armour, swords)

- Other Jutsu (Substitution, Transformation, Disguise and many more)

Your spells automatically get stronger as you rank up in exams! Ranking up will give you more health, mana and faster mana regeneration!

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