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Greetings from the amazing community of WindmillGaming!

Want Towny but you don't want a complicated system to build and run your town?
Want more features such as adding your own ranks, more control on how you set your town and the access your townsfolk have?

Then look no further because we don't have Towny in our name or our plugin list doesn't mean we are no longer a Towny server.

We switched to Lands because it is so more powerful and customizable. You can create your towns and know they are protected. It means you are not stuck on one world but you can choose from 3 worlds ranging from vanilla to high fantasy.

Not convinced yet that Lands can be for you then consider the ease of Lands as it offers you a GUI. Yes, one place not a series of commands to memorize to run your town from roles, flags on what and how you protect your land, taxes, sub areas and so much more. Fast simple and easy so you have more time to play.

Our goal is to provide an excellent server experience for all our players, friends, and visitors as you the community are very important to us. With well-trained, respectful, and dedicated staff team, we do our best to deliver support to any player in need of staff assistance and enjoy playing alongside our amazing community.

What we have to offer at WindmillGaming:

An active owner who loves to join players on server and discord
Quests written by staff with community input
Slimefun including FluffyMachines, Infinity Expansion, Exotic Gardens (to name just a few)
Fluid Tanks
Epic World Generator which means a beautiful open world for building and exploration
Realms for exploring, dungeoning and building
Custom Crafting Recipes
Pyro Fishing and Mining
and so much more for you to explore in game

What we are working on:

Custom kits and commands for each player rank
Mobs dropping tiered items
Mob Arenas

On WindmillGaming we have no griefing, stealing, or hacking and we have a list of rules in spawn. We want everyone to have a fun time on WindmillGaming so our rules reflect this.

We have a fun small community that loves to help each other and welcomes new players into the community. If you have any issues on server we have a quick response ticket system and we also offer a discord for community support and to hang out in. If staff is not available on server please pop in discord if you need assistance. This helps us maintain a friendly environment for new players and players of all ages!

We would love to have you join us and look forward to welcoming you on server.

*Optifine, Vanilla Bad Lion and Minimap mods are acceptable.

Staff applications can filled out & submitted at We do not accept applications that fail follow procedure or “fake applications” that are written in book & quills.

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  • 1.15.2 Version
  • 96.5% Uptime
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