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Welcome to WindmillGaming! We are a Towny server that loves to have fun! Our server includes Towny (of course), mcMMO, MythicDrops, SlimeFun, Slimefun Custom Recipes, Most Slimefun Addons CraftBook, ecoDrop, and many more!

Towny Configuration:
New Town = $15,000 | New Nation = $25,000
Town Upkeep = $10 | Nation Upkeep = $100
Plot Size = 16x16
Town Claim = $25
Outpost = $600

Server Specs:
8Gb's Dedicated Ram
Ubuntu Server 14.04.2
i5 Intel Processor
1Tb Hard Drive
Guaranteed 24/7 Uptime

Our rules are very important to us, and in order to maintain a healthy server experience, there are some guidelines we expect our players to follow�

No griefing � No destroying of others� property, this will result in a jail, then permaban.
No spamming � Don�t feel the need to annoy others on the server by repeating your message multiple times, it�s stupid, makes you look immature, and we probably got what you said the first time.
No hacking � Every other player has to play legit, so that means you should too. Don�t use any clients/exploits to cheat in items or that gives you an advantage, that�s not fair to the other players, and not fair to us. This will result in a jail, then banning will take action.
No advertising � Don�t advertise other servers, this is pretty self-explanatory. Don�t waste your time by being an idiot and trying to get our players to your server, our players are on our server for a reason. This will result in a permaban, and you might not be coming back.
Don�t ask for gamemode � This is a survival server, which means you play survival. If you constantly ask us, you will be punished until you stop.
Don�t ask for items � Don�t ask the STAFF or anyone with creative for items, that�s also considered cheating, however, feel free to ask one of your fellow survivalists!
Don�t ask for promotions � We greatly appreciate that you�d like to be a higher power on the server, and you can apply in an application, but if you pester us about wanting to be staff, that will lead us to believe you only want a rank for the title, your own advantage, and other insensible reasons. So if you want to be staff, apply and be patient.
Respect the staff � The staff practically bust their butts making your server experience what you want it to be, so if you don�t treat the staff right, your experience might be cut short. We are willing to expel anyone that�s causing problems for our staff and players.
Use common sense � This shouldn�t even have to be a rule, but there are players that go against common sense on purpose. In order to properly communicate with players and the staff on the server, you should use some common sense, otherwise, you might just go off the deep end.

So hop on and say hello on our server, website, AND TeamSpeak server at:!

If you're looking to apply for staff, you may NOT apply in a book & quill! You must follow standard procedure and apply in an application form on our website.

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  • 1/85 Players
  • 1.15.2 Version
  • 97.9% Uptime
  • 11 hours Last Ping
  • 13 Votes

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