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Our network consists of two gamemodes and one planned gamemode:

Oceania is a gamemode in which players are stranded on a island and they need to survive.
All Islands can be raided by other players, after the captured them.
Also custom boats can be made, which are faster than other boats.
Players can also team up and create a powerful alliance of islands to defeat other alliances.

Our Factions gamemode contains unique features such as spawnable cannons, custom end and warzone entities and much more.
Every rank can be achieved ingame and the server is not pay to win.
Also we provide a good economy balance which cannot be exploited.
At the end of the season there will be a payout for the best factions:
1. 200€
2. 150€
3. 100€
and 4. 50€

We also put value on fairness:
Our AntiCheat was 9 months in developement and detects current clients such as LiquidBounce.
Our AntiDupe plugin works perfectly and will not allow players to dupe.

We already have a third gamemode planned, as mentioned early, which will be called Tales of Sentium.
It will be a SMPRPG and you will need to purchase a wildcard if you want to play it.
A brief description:
Four Factions have been fighting for more than thousand years for a element known as Sentium. Sentium gives humans unimaginable strength in pure form. To form equality through out the Factions, the Sentium was divided into four pieces.

When we had the idea to create a minecraft server, our main goal was to make it fair and not pay to win. Everything that can be purchased in the store can also be achieved with ingame currency.

We hope to see you on our server!

This server is currently not released and the release date is yet to be determined, if you want to stay updated, join our Discord:

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