Defcon [1.12.2] Factions Custom Map!!!!

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Stake Your Claim

The world of DEFCON is yours for the taking! Recruit some friends and organize your own country on a map of earth. Rule a country of your choice or create your own. Alternatively, you can join an already-established country and find camaraderie with fellow players through the intense struggles between nations.

Economy Matters

Money makes the world go ‘round. In DEFCON, management of resources is important as it will allow you to fund wars and create infrastructure for your nation. Establish and maintain a burgeoning economy for your nation while trying to sabotage the production capabilities of your enemies. You will be amazed at how easily supplies appear, grievances disappear, and friends turn on friends when you flash some green at them.

Modern Warfare

DEFCON is set in the modern era, meaning battles will take place in the air and sea as well as on the ground. How do we manage to have such amazing battles, you ask? We use the Movecraft and Cannons plugins to give players the ability to build land, air, and sea craft that can move and fight. The best part is, these crafts are entirely customizable, which gives players the freedom to design fleets unique to their own nation.

There will be BOMBING

There will be BLOODSHED

There will be GLORY

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