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CeresNetwork - New Zealand / Australia Server

We are an Australian and New Zealand server that has a single gamemode survival. We have many original and amazing plugins to bring survival to a new step and make survival fun and interesting once again. we offer a variety of ranks including 10 which can be earned by just playing the server. we also offer buycraft ranks. We have an amazing management team that has helped to produce this amazing server. In survival we have added land claims which allows you to make it so only you and your trusted companions can break and place within your bases.

Our features with the server is the following:
- Dungeons - Roguelike, Doomlike and BattleTower
- Slimefun
- Quests
- Custom Terrain - 10,000 x 10,000 map, including nether and end
- Backpacks
- Pet Feature
- PVP enabled
- Item drop enabled
- Auctions
- Lottery
- Spawners
- Farming Rods
- Tree Feller
- Reports
- Guilds
- Crates
- Chest lock
- Land claim
- Timed ranks

Beware! The Survival world difficulty is set to hard, so if u are a hardcore gamer what the hell are u doing and join this god damn server, prove to the gods u are worthy of playing on such a hardcore server! Also Dungeons difficulty is on Nuts which means a higher level than hard.

Thanks for viewing our server and we hope to see you very soon,

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