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■ PokeDusk
Currently running Reforged 7.0.5
Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Join our discord: https://discord.gg/ZyKa2aD

■ PokeDusk is a one of a kind Pixelmon Reforged server that will offer an unforgettable experience every minute you are on the server. We are currently hiring staff/developers so if that interests you at all, apply on our forums or discord.

◆ Server Features:

Our server has many different types of crates on it, to visit them do ./warp Crates. These crates include EV/IV Increasing Items, Shiny Pokemon, PokeCoins, Mega Stones and items that can help your adventure!

Our server has voting enabled and with voting comes plenty of goodies to win from our crates at warp crates. You can win Pokeballs, Rare Candies and Keys. Voting offers you a small boost, but also gives us a boost and really helps!

Our Server has a custom coded quests plugin that allows a player to receive quests from NPC's to complete and receive items that boost your team on its way to the top.

Gyms/Elite Four/Champion
Our server has 8 NPC Gyms that you can defeat in order to reach a player founded Elite Four & Champion. This Champion spot is rotated around according to the best trainer on the server. If you win you are the Champion of Pixelmon Bliss.

Wondertrading is a feature where you put a selected pokemon in the wondertrade pool in return for another pokemon in the pool. This is completely random so you could possibly earn a shiny or legendary from this. This plugin is all in terms of luck!

Keep Inventory
Keep Inventory is enabled just in case you fall off any of your pokemon.

EV/IV Training
EV Training is a recently added feature in Pixelmon Bliss. Any trainer can access this through ./warp EVTraining this can be used to help defeat Gyms, Elite 4 and the Champion who may be in your way to stop you!

IV Training is accessed via /pokebuilder!

Poke Builder
Poke Builder is a brand new feature where you can edit your pokemon to your liking, you are able to make your pokemon’s IV’s 100%, make the pokemon shiny, change its EV’s, growth, Hidden Ability all through our in-game currency!

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