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Server Name: Intoxicated
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About: v1.12.2

Intoxicated is a Role-Play themed server that plays off the idea of growing plants that represent drugs in the wild, to later sell the plants in spawn for money in game that can be used to rank up and trade with other players.

We have run a few iterations of this server in the past, the other admins and myself have been involved in making and running minecraft servers since 2011. Including other popular drug servers in the past. We're out to push the limits on this release however, we have coded nearly half of all the plugins on the server with our own developers, and we hope to attract a whole new round of players that are itching for something different.

We've created plugins similar to Factions, except that the player does not have the ability to create their own team.

The server has pre-designated two teams, the Bloods and the Crips. When you join the server you are automatically joined to one or the other, and you do have the ability to leave and change teams at your own will.

We've created a unique plot protection system in the wild we refer to as "cribs", your crib is allowed to be placed within a zone around your Gang's HQ, which is a kingdom/city like structure in the wild.

Over time as more players join, each gang will grow in size, not just in size via how many players are in a specific gang, but also by literal size, as the gang's build-able area naturally expands as player size grows.

You and your gang can initiate war's with the opposing gang, that if won will present raiding opportunities for your team as well as sales boosts and other perks that last for hours to days of playtime.

We have many other features that are akin to your average faction like type server, spawn plots, player shops, PvP arena, NPC's, mcMMO.

Why join now?

The server is about to release in the coming weeks. We're on the tail end of publishing bug fixes and we'd like to get a few players on the server that are interested in playing to potentially discover bugs that we haven't found yet.
We have no intentions of resetting any ranks or balances upon official release.
We currently operate on 1.12.2 and intend to stay on this version for some time to come until we're ready to upgrade further, at which point we'll update to the very latest and patch all our plugins around that build.

- Mature Server (16/18+) Preferred
- No Advertising
- No Cheating (X-Ray, PvP Cheats)

We're laid back and just want to enjoy Minecraft, bring your hate and your cheats and we'll send you on your way with no ability to appeal a ban.

Website: Not available yet
Forums: Not available yet
Discord: For members who stick around / ask
No whitelist, come and check it out.

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