Beastrinia Pixelmon Friends

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- Ultra Space - Higher Spawnrates!
- Legendary - All Available
- Wondertrade
- All Gen 7
- Custom Gyms
- Safari Zone
- No P2W, No Donations
- Warp Waypoints
- Pixelmon Crates
- Player & Admin Cities
- Player & Admin Shops
- Ranks - Based on Online time

Welcome to Beastrinia! Where our server is a build as you go adventure survival server in a pixelmon reforged world. In this server everyone is equal. There is no rank buying or donating, there's just plain out playing. The only rules we have is that you don't grief and you respect other players. That is literally it. Build in our starter town or start your own town. Be a nomad or set down roots! Do as you wish on our server as we build it from scratch in a randomly generated world where the only limit to your imagination is yourself.

To play on our server you do need the following:

Make sure you add RAM to your game when starting up the Minecraft Client after installing the MODS. Also, that is pretty much it. You just join and have fun!

You can also use our Texture Pack that big YouTubers like Joey Graceffa and PixelDip uses if you wish as well!


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  • 1.12.2 Version
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