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Tags: Economy Mcmmo PvE Survival Vanilla

Join us on a locally hosted, Australian Network.
No Paywall, No PTW. Everyone is level.

We started this network after being sick of people hiding everything behind paywalls.
You wont pay a cent to us.
Everyone has the same permissions (minus a few admin perms obviously)

We offer Vanilla 1.15.1, FTB Revelations and Our own custom Superhero Pack!
You can get our pack from pack.taffynet.net
The Network is Bungeecorded with the idea to expand to other server packs.
Suggestions are always welcome!

Rules are simple:
1: Be respectful.
2: Be ethical.
3: Use common sense.
4: Do not abuse bugs or exploits, Check /info for the bug bounty!
5: No X-Ray or other mods/plugins/texture packs that give an unfair advantage.
6: Staff have final say. Right or wrong. It stops arguments.
7: No Spam.
8: Limit the swearing, we want to be family friendly.
9: Do not bypass server rules or restrictions. They are there for a reason.

More Info at taffynet.net
IP: taffynet.net
Discord: discord.taffynet.net

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  • 1.14 Version
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