Styx Ryvr

Minecraft Server


Server IP:
Protection: LWC
Gamemode: Survival, Hard
Version: 1.16.1

Is vanilla Minecraft too easy for you even if its set to hard? Styx Ryvr focuses on enhancing normal gameplay to it harder to survive. You will have to worry about your thirst, energy, and nutrient levels as well as health and armor.

If this enhanced survival is still too easy, there are a variety of dungeons that serve as easter eggs. Dungeons are challenges for players that give god-type items as a reward.

We didnt stop at making survival difficult, we also make it fun! The theme of Styx Ryvr is Greek Mythologythe currency, messages, and regions are based around this. Several plugins such as Disguises, Pets, Playerparticles, and Spawners are either working or in the works! We use LWC for protection as well as MCMMO, Dynmap, and Discord.

Use /rules when you log in to give you the starting rank. Staff does not interfere in player affairs.

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  • 1/60 Players
  • 1.16 Version
  • 99.5% Uptime
  • 1 day Last Ping
  • 12 Votes

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