Styx Ryvr

Minecraft Server


Server IP:
Protection: LWC
Gamemode: Survival, Hard
Version: 1.14.4

We are a survival-based Minecraft server. The server itself is hosted in Canada, but most of us are from the USA. Much of the server content focuses around Greek Mythology, including the currency, death messages, and regions that display messages from gods. The gameplay is set to Hard Mode, which means that mobs will be stronger and the staff will not help any players with in-game matters such as food items or building blocks. If you get bored, the staff has created a variety of dungeons that serve as "easter eggs." It is up to you (and your friends) to find an entrance, complete the challenges, and purchase the reward.
In order to gain access to the world, each player must use the command /rules, which displays the in-game rules and automatically sets your rank to Citizen. We use LWC to help players protect their items and homes. Griefing is legal, so be sure to use /lock and other LWC commands to protect your stuff! Aside from simply surviving and playing the classic Minecraft story, the player has the ability to climb the rank ladder by aiming towards in-game riches (Noble) or proving their strength (Hero). We have a set of commands that the player can use to explore the rank options (use /rank to get started). With the use of many plugins, the player has access to fun commands such as /pet, /marry, /disguise, and many more. In-game money can be obtained by voting with /vote, receiving a daily bonus with /kit free, or selling items to the Market (/warp market). Our Portal Room serves as a hub to many different locations and can be reached with /warp portals.

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  • 0/60 Players
  • 1.14.4 Version
  • 99.4% Uptime
  • 13 hours Last Ping
  • 4 Votes

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